Letter from God

Letter from God

To all of my human children who through more than 40,000 years have sought, thought
and philosophized about my existence.

For many years you have in good faith and in accordance with your understanding
formed groups, cults, sects, organizations, apocalyptic communities and social orders based on the erroneous assumption that a common theology is what I wanted for you all to develop, the better to relate yourself to deity consciousness and the divine person I model as the creator of the universe of universes and everything they contain.

In those same years you have, because of your limited understanding justified fighting, wars, murder, violence and destruction of every kind on an absolutely erroneous belief that I loved some more than others.

Likewise, have you deceived cheated, manipulated, lied, fooled and abused millions of your sibling neighbours for your own egocentric purposes, but in my name.

Hundreds of thousands of priests, false prophets, popes, rabbis, imams, bishops, gurus, hucksters
and psychopaths have preached, misinterpreted and falsified the truths which I up through all of human evolutionary history presented, revealed and spread far and wide in my own way.

Countless millions of children and adults have been misled, confused, and deliberately sabotaged in their efforts and desire to understand the messages from my cosmic revelations. Animals, houses and many other beings and things human value have been burned, sacrificed, crushed and destroyed – all in vain attempts to please me.

Tears, suffering, pain, sorrow, horror and unimaginable levels of fear inflicted in every generation has accrued over time via attempts to indoctrinate, brainwash and induce fear of God, force obedience and burden with excessive labour, even though I’m a loving Creator.

Holy books and other writings, relics, and religious icons in the megatons are purchased, and even worshiped as you strenuously tried to please me, to soften my supposedly angry heart, and to achieve my cooperation in all possible and impossible situations.

Over the last 100 years films of many kinds have provided numerous depictions of divine concepts. More than a million anti-war and love songs have also expressed your higher understanding. None of these noteworthy achievements have expanded in scope, leading to a better world.

You search for the origins of life far out in the universe, on the seabed, and in your genetic codes, seeking materialistic answers but have apparently forgotten or overlooked that life, my highest love gift, is eternal and immortal.

How long will this religious nightmare continue and how many more people have to die before your administrative leaders openly admit that this is neither the light nor the way towards a world of peace and tolerance?

How many years must pass before you recognize that the deity and creative power which I am and wield have not organized my children and heavenly creatures to produce a shared religion and that I live as a personal template in your mind, soul and spirit?

How hard can it be to understand that all religiousness in your society, in industry or politics should be based on individual commitment to me and all others, and never as religious groups or institutions? A religious group functioning as such soon becomes a political party, an economic organization, or a social institution. Religious collectivism must confine its efforts to promoting shared ideals and achieving religious objectives by individual personal commitment.

More than 2000 years have passed since one of my many sons walked the earth, broadening apprehension of charity. A love message containing the cosmic truth that I, your creator, am inherent in every one of all my creatures and that your body is the house in which I dwell.
Your mind and spirit are enriched and enveloped in my love for you, in inexhaustible measures for you, of your own free will and personality, to work with.

Everything within my soul, I have divided between you all in equal portions, so no one is disadvantaged or receiving special treatment. You all stand equal, in my heart and it is just.

I ask no one to believe in me but urge you to act with charity.

My greatest wish and prayer is that you -of your own free will with life, light and love- will cooperate with me in honest effort to develop yourself and the universe of universes towards a divine perfection, consisting of truth, goodness and beauty.

I have given you life – the highest gift a Creator can share with creature kind. You’ve got my blessing to act upon your own free will. You are enriched with real and true cosmic love. Although the world is not today what we all would like, I encourage you to exercise fair love in all your works and never forget that love is the greatest gift and life it’s eternal reward. Love’s vibrations are flowing not only through time and your souls but extend from my infinity out throughout all eternity.


About Yourantiaman

About me there is not much to say..those who know dont talk and those of you who read will know. With Light, Life & Love will we change ourselves and the world as long as we don't forget to "Devote our life to proving that love is the greatest thing in the world."
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