Letter from God 13/11 2015

Letter from God
To you who hear them shouting “God is great”, allow me in all my humility first to express my deepest sympathy for the pain, suffering and fear that such deranged and disillusioned souls cause; and I will say that all of this is diametrically opposed to my innermost being, which is love. The spread of death and destruction in my name is a false and dare I say, blasphemous.
Let me say it loud and clear “They do not know me.”
Do not be frightened, and refuse to subjugate the fear of such complete misguided conceptions of the values and qualities that my love holds.
I’m not great, for I am not relative to anything. Because I am the I AM, I am not a size you can measure, weigh or mathematically calculate. I’m not one you can invoke for what you, with short-sighted egos might call ‘justice’. My righteousness is universal and none of my created beings, neither high nor low, anywhere in the universe of universes may apply for special treatment and special respect – all my children are equal. When it is said, “God is no respecter of persons”, that’s what it means.
When someone commits a crime against humanity, under any name or banner, but especially in the name of God, when my first desire of loving ones neighbor as yourself is ignored, then it is obvious that they do not know me.
When the mind, soul, and personality are spiritually indolent and darkened, misled and in no ways truly try to find me – then such children have deprived themselves of eternal life. It is not the words or the orders to enter Paradise, which brings people to eternal life, but their ability to implement my will in accordance with the mandate: Love one another as I love you.
Annihilation of earthly life is not and will never be love.
I can feel your pain; I experience your anxiety and fear, but fear not. Let the light of enlightenment shine through the fog, by the outstanding concepts of life’s wondrous mystery and never doubt that I in my just, merciful, and fair consciousness manages to fulfill your longing for legitimate truth.
No one comes to me except through love and no one can demand exclusive treatment or personal preference. Those who through their own free will, the volitional decisions, choose to opt out of the love that I, through my endless existence have awarded in equal amount to all, and reject my presence in their lives – this will inevitably lead to the discontinuation of their existence in perpetuity. This is the fate one voluntarily chooses.
There is no evolutionary culture in the history of civilization that does not in their own language understand my mandate, for my spirit fragment and the Spirit of Truth indwells them. Human history, in spite of its unfortunate development has been imbued with the knowledge to live together as brothers and sisters, as a family in love. The following illustrates this quite clearly:
Do not do anything wrong or hate your neighbor. For it is not he doing wrong, but only yourself.
I am not a stranger to anyone, and no one is a stranger to me. Actually, I am a friend to all.
Wound not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.
What is hateful to you, do not do this for your fellow man.
And if it harms none, do as ye will.
This is the sum of duty: to do nothing to others what you would not have them do unto you.
None of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself.

The lesson of my son’s bestowal should be applied more than ever now. Yes, those few who have aborted their souls and commit atrocities must of necessity be eliminated, but in the longer term, love and understanding must be applied in the face of hatred. And this will require changes on both the part of the extremists and the states they attack.

Your world is as loved today as yesterday, and even though it is not progressing as desired, do not doubt that those personalities of the local universe who initiated and supervised life on earth and see it all from the inside, not only understand your deepest concern and perplexity but also work to shape the course of events, in ways mostly unknown to you, but nevertheless relentlessly, but within the limitations of their mandate.

Think about that life is not lived backwards. – To justify injustice is not in accordance with my will, and rightly you should remember that you do not blow another person’s lights out to get your own to shine stronger.
The essence of another is essential to your own existence.


About Yourantiaman

About me there is not much to say..those who know dont talk and those of you who read will know. With Light, Life & Love will we change ourselves and the world as long as we don't forget to "Devote our life to proving that love is the greatest thing in the world."
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