What existed before the Big Bang?

BB never really happened. There was never an explosion, a sound or a singularity. The universe of time and space eventuated from divine thoughts and wisdom from an existential Deity, as such a creator, by the free will, decided to create a universe of time and space, within eternity. The universe of time and space rotate, as a huge circuit around the center of eternity, within an infinite universe.

The idea of BB is invented by slothful human minds in a poor atempt to explain a begining, that never happen, but the mind of man have an inherent tendency to think in straight lines,instead of creation as a perfect event. As a cause in relation to an effect. Duality in the cosmic universe is an essenitlal part. There cant be time and space without eternity. The univers of time and space is an inherent consequence of divine eternity and as such a creation from a creature with potential creative existential experientials to create whatever an universal creator wish.



About Yourantiaman

About me there is not much to say..those who know dont talk and those of you who read will know. With Light, Life & Love will we change ourselves and the world as long as we don't forget to "Devote our life to proving that love is the greatest thing in the world."
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