Where did the idea first originate that the Bible was “The Word of God”?

in app 325 AD when the orthodox church established itself, as the true (orthodox)) christian church and designed, manipulated the many scriptures into the bible…this “word puzzle” had been going for a long while and there were many various different opinions about what the teaching, the spiritual message and the personality of Jesus of Nazareth really was all about. But when christianity became legal, in Rome around that time, these various christian leaders and others gathered together to establish the church and its future teaching… based on various selected scriptures and made into the bible.

There were many scriptures which was banned as profane and not worthty to be included, other were quite advanced in wisdom and equality to women and mankind as such, that the rulers simply did not wanted such teaching to become popular.

These scriptures were written by many believers, in an open true faith of the evangelium..the teaching of Jesus and not about him. The clerical selected, deleted, adjusted them according to the rules of the Roman empire and according to their own greediness to achieve power and wealth over the many poor believers, who mostly were analphabetic…and an easy way to do so was to claim the scriptures “the true words of God”..since Jesus as a messenger, one son as such, was elevated within the minds of many to a high celestial position, eventually to be considered “God Himself”…but such egocentric attitude was never expressed by him , but only by various followers, mostly believers in the the Pauline version slowly moving west while the gnostic version, moved east, hold on to a wisdom of the message that a fragment, a spirit of the universal Creator, the heavenly Father lived, indwelled within the soul of all men.

May i suggest further reading of Byron Belitsos book: Your Evolving Soul. and / or The Urantia Book for more enlarge and advanced insight and wisdom into these issues.

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