As a Spark of Light, Life & Love

As a spark of Light, Life & Love,

You begin your individualized, personalized  identity

as a human being on a grain of Earth in a created Universe

to learn, grow and progress your universal potentialities of

endowments, geniality and creativity – and as you advance

your experimental  journey from mortality to eternity

your qualifications as a soul. spirit and child of The Most High

will grant your access into divinity and to the supreme and highest cosmic realization of

Light, Life and Love.

The Spark is within you,
it lightens up your inspirations
it guide you unconsciously and free
it is a gift from above
to you and everyone else.

The Spark is immortal
just like you
it comes from eternity
trying to bring you home
to take you on a long journey
through the universe of universes
toward a higher light of cosmic wisdom
a knowledge of divine life
and with an understanding of love.

The Spark is your thought adjuster
your secret invisible friend
who share your experiential experience
as a living creature
as a child of the Most High
to develop your souls qualifications
and to prepare you for the upgrade
to next level of cosmic awareness.

The Spark speaks to you in silence
it suggest, inspire and share
its divine insight
into the present confusion
in which you find yourself
as you make decisions
and express your free will
while you pass through life on earth
toward divine infinity out- and inside time and space.

The Spark is a gift from God
a part of the true loving nature
of your universal Father and Mother
unified and bonded by love
in a trinity of truth, goodness and beauty
and shared between all created creatures within creation
as a nonpersonal fragment of their LIght, Life and Love.

The Spark lights up your mind
it support your mortal life
qualify your soul for higher existence
and if you do and abide with its impulses
it will provide you with everlasting love.

Yurantiaman alias Jean Ascher


About Yourantiaman

About me there is not much to say..those who know dont talk and those of you who read will know. With Light, Life & Love will we change ourselves and the world as long as we don't forget to "Devote our life to proving that love is the greatest thing in the world."
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