Will all of the planets (within a galaxy) head towards the black hole at the center of its galaxy?

Please understand, black holes,white holes, green holes, blue holes, yellow holes, pink holes, violet holes what ever color..are all imaginary illusion, deceptions, manipulation from the people of science.

t is all theoretical rhetoric, based on mathematical mysticism plus an unknown amount of atheistic philosophy minus love, plus a severe dosis of mental speculation reduced by the lack of cosmic consciousness.

At best his hypothesis can be classified as medium sci fi with a touch of craziness plus a splash of unlimited fantasy.

God (with little g), God (with big G) and GOD (with capital) have not created the universe of universes with holes in. (No matter the color) How silly to think so childish.

it can’t happen. Black holes is a Stephan Hawkings illusion. Their functionality is an impossibility. They would, if they was real, act as a torus, recycling itself, dragging its own edge into itself and on the other side, it would have to repeat this, and this would be ongoing in all eternity, getting more and more compact.

But such a hole is not a created part of the universe design. but invented to be used as a manipulation to explain something which science simply dont understand ala black matter. Areas in space seemingly black or with very few stars visible. Such areas are not holes into which all items, including light and other universes by a heavy gravity get sucked in, only to disappear, to be crushed, smashed and broken into microscopic elements to evaporate (disappear) forever.(Or to be streamed out in the opposite end. )

Such funny ideas are made by slothful minds without wisdom, knowledge and true understanding of the cosmic universe.

But true it also is that big bangs can happen, but such an event always take place within the mind and is generally called enlightenment. An expansion of cosmic consciousness, an uplift of insight and in certain occasion also a amalgamation of spirit and soul which

Hawking’s work has no apparent usefulness at all, and illustrates that insight into the nature of the Universe is its own reward. And that is that free fantasy is unlimit. The mind itself contains endowment of such a nature. It can spin illusions, fatamorgana, deceptions, dreams, fantasy what ever and none of it need be real.

Interesting..However Stephan Hawking and Einstein was friends and today SH as a theoretical mathematician believe and claim BB and BH as cosmic reality, even without any evidence. Perhaps SH soon, now in the afterlife also will regret his promotion of such childish concepts as the singularity and especially that God makes holes in the universe…and whether these holes are white, green, yellow, blue , red or black is completely insignificant. Illusions are illusions.

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About me there is not much to say..those who know dont talk and those of you who read will know. With Light, Life & Love will we change ourselves and the world as long as we don't forget to "Devote our life to proving that love is the greatest thing in the world."
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