My birthday wish

The Transformation wish, age 77, 8th of august.

I spotted you – up on the wall

Static, frozen, quite as if you was dead

as if you was stiffened, lost in your escape

surrendered with no more energy

and no more power to fly.

A very soft gentle touch – you turned alive

Set off and flew straight at me

But for unknown reason

vanished in the air.

It was as if you entered my mind

made me sing my song of freedom

while I searched the room for your presence

but found you not.

The fusion from caterpillar to butterfly

You did as perfect and in stile

And now I stand and wait

For me to do the same.

The thought of taking leave

from earth when my work was done

had grown for years

and now it seems as real.

I am like you, awaits a very gentle soft touch

To activate my ascension up high

the 21th. day of august

if my birthday wish of today is fulfilled.

SE post: 30 august 20 _ Viljen til at ville fusionere i sjælen & FUSIONSGLIMTET

About Yourantiaman

About me there is not much to say..those who know dont talk and those of you who read will know. With Light, Life & Love will we change ourselves and the world as long as we don't forget to "Devote our life to proving that love is the greatest thing in the world."
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