To seek God in the algorithm of life

As long as you take the absolute ultimate essence out of life – what’s left?

When god (with small g) and God (with big G) are removed from life’s algorithm, then the algorithm contains an error, no matter how refined and mathematically correct it otherwise looks and is. So when modern science in these times pays homage to Stephan Hawkings for the invention (not discovery) of black holes, then one mocks the highest sense. God has not created the universes of the universe with holes in it. It is rubbish of the worst kind and the only black holes are those that are in the false cosmic consciousness of the believers. Even Einstein understood this when he said, “So God does not roll the dice.”

As long as society’s leadership refuses to implement the development of the spirit and cosmic conceptual understanding to its young citizens, antisocial behavior and crime will be a significant part of society’s biggest problems.

As long as the politicians in the governing bodies refuse to include and exemplify morality and righteous behavior in their actions and deeds of life, so long will the people do as they please. When the leaders of society can’t lead themselves, how can they then expect the people to listen and follow them.

 As long as the same politicians do not want to implement justice and equal dignity in their legislation, so long will the governments have to fight headwinds to improve society.

As long as the country’s theologians and clergy, wandering around in confusion and permanent mental bewilderment, preaching fundamentalist thought control in the name of charity, so long will religious radicalization affect and disrupt the social order.

As long as they themselves the same clerical false prophets with the Ministry of the Church as the warming and backing group practice condemnation and doctrines of sin to the people, all the while in the holy fake name of egoism of hypocrisy and the greed of selfishness and pretend to be pure and god-loving, so long will religion be the basic cause of dismantling the structure of society.

As long as the social elite, with the constitution and the bible, choose to reject the love of the universal life and of the people, then everything else in the real world will be degraded and broken down. When the self-appointed spiritual experts in the media in the name of falsehood proclaim and exhilarate “values ​​of life” without God, as the central unconditional unfounded fact, they are not only misleading the human children and the present generation but they are gradually degrading charity, which is the fundamental strength and power in every living individualized and personalized individual.

There is, of course, a major reason why many children and adolescents, in addition to adults, exhibit severe mental self-destructive behavior. Even destruction, such as self-torture, suicide, confusion, social apathy, shame, guilt, grief, pangs of conscience all have a cause in the basic misconstruction of the true algorithm of God.

As long as fear, ignorance and mental confusion are allowed to take root in the human mind, propagate, causing distorted, confused and obscured concepts and where truth is something relatively insignificant, the human spirit and thus the individual earthly creatures souls will lose touch with cosmic reality and the experiential doctrine which is the nourishment of life will directly decay in the soul and its associated personality.

A child taught early that he is a child of God, he lives and moves and has his being in God as such has free will and infinite strength available to overcome the difficulties in life, will handle life more easily and most likely get more out of it than the child who is mislead to acknowledge as born in a random universe where love is defined as physical matter, as consisting exclusively of human emotions, innate in the genome and where the meaning of life is a relative indifference, such a child with everything else equal, find it difficult to act in goodness, beauty and truth.

As long as the administration of society manipulates and acts in the best hypocritical way in the name of self-assertion and greed, all the while increasingly sanctifying and at the same time ridiculing itself in mere selfishness and lost public deception, so long will development not be progressive or in any way progressive in the direction of humanity — peace, harmony, and charity.

As long as the spirit’s perception of cosmic values ​​is neglected to personal belief, without basis in experience and historical knowledge and when the human intellect only reaches a height which is bordering on the ridiculous but especially on the grotesque and absurd, and when the spiritual reason can’t change this, then the explanation is probably that one has chosen that stupidity and abuse of power are means that one finds suitable to carry out the control and surveillance that keeps the majority in ignorance at the expense of the unbearable cynicism of the minority.

A government consisting of ignorance is narrower rather than sober analysis is one of the greatest risks to the nation and the world.

Words alone in time and space do not create charity. These values are created only through charitable deeds, performed by the individual who walks the path of life, as opposed to those who in the pleasant life of selfishness practice laziness, bordering on spiritual suicide.

If we, those of us who seek truth and who through our own lives will change ourselves and the world, will see charity flourish in the minds and spirits of those of God’s children who, of their own free will, choose to walk the path of charity, then is it more than absolutely time, yes it is ultimately and essentially necessary and important that love is given the opportunity to sprout and grow in the minds of both children and adults in today’s society and the associated culture and civilization.

About Yourantiaman

About me there is not much to say..those who know dont talk and those of you who read will know. With Light, Life & Love will we change ourselves and the world as long as we don't forget to "Devote our life to proving that love is the greatest thing in the world."
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