The Spirit in Human Mind

The spirit in the human mind which is in God’s cosmic reality grows and since this is a part of God, God’s spirit grows in the momentum of creation, both inward and outward and everything follows proportionally.

As the human mind is linked and guided by the 7 adjutant spirits from the daughters of the Mother Spirit of Paradise, as well as by the Spirit of Truth sent by the Son, all of whom are intertwined, connected and absolutely integrated with the Spirit of God in the human mind, it follows that there is a direct energy connection between the Creator and the created., manifested through the associated intelligence circuit of consciousness within the human mind..


Ånden i menneskesindet som er i Guds kosmisk virkelighed vokser og da denne er en del af Gud, vokser Guds ånd i skabelsens momentum, både indad og udad og alt følger proportionalt med.

I og med at menneskesindet er knyttet og vejledt af de 7 hjælpeånder fra Paradisets moderånds døtre, samt af den af Sønnen udsendte  Sandhedsånd, som alle er sammenflettet, forbundet og  absolut integreret med Gudsånden i menneskets sind, så følger det, at der er en direkte energi forbindelse mellem Skaberen og de skabte, manifesteret gennem bevidsthedens  associeret intelligens kredsløb i menneskesindet.

About Yourantiaman

About me there is not much to say..those who know dont talk and those of you who read will know. With Light, Life & Love will we change ourselves and the world as long as we don't forget to "Devote our life to proving that love is the greatest thing in the world."
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