Earth is in a solar system, the solar system is in a galaxy, etc. Is the universe in something? Like is space home to multiple universes?

Solar system, Local System, Constellation, Local Universe, Minor Sector, Major Sector, Superuniverse, The Central Universe and Paradise Isle.

There is no outside as such. The grand Universe is infinite.

In the grand universe of universes, there is no edge or end.

The present days telescope are simply not technically so advanced that they are able see the edge of an expanding and contracting universe even if there was such one. Initially, it is a cosmic fact that the master universe expands and contracts.

We do not know the actual mechanism of space respiration; we merely observe that all space alternately contracts and expands. This respiration affects both the horizontal extension of pervaded space and the vertical extensions of unpervaded space which exist in the vast space reservoirs above and below Paradise. In attempting to imagine the volume outlines of these space reservoirs, you might think of an hourglass.

Isle of Paradise = Center of eternity and residential area of the Universal Creator and closely related equals, such as Ithe Infinite Spirit and the Eternal Son (The Trinity). Many other perfected celestial beings of various orders and class also have their habitation in close proximity to the Isle of Paradise.

Keep in mind that all types of universe energy, force, gravity and other basic circuits of powers all have their origin from nether Paradise. The universes of time and space circulate around the central core of eternity.

There cant be time without eternity. And there cant be infinite eternity without time. The universes of time and space occupy the outer area of eternity (think of it as a disk) and beyond and surrounding the universes of time and space, with eternity an center, there circulate at present 4 gigantic huge outer space rings, containng trillions upon trillions of uninhabited galaxies. All are a slowly transforming stage to be prepared for future habitation.

As you may understand this respiration is of such a scale and designed in such that stability, control and balance is maintained forever.

The nuclear cosmic centre, point zero of eternity, (so to speak) the Isle of Paradise are the cosmic generator of all true energy, gravity and force. This Isle of Paradise, cant stop and has never begun. So the flow, the stream of energy, the many various circuits of ultimatons and all other electrochemical energies, all kinds of gravity circuits and many unknown force are in constant flow from lower part of Paradise, out into all space, in a circular manner. (like a turned upside down spring water) It moves into space in all directions, in certain celestial control m going through several transformations, changes and other transcending mutations only later to return back to Paradise, streaming in and down from above.. Picture a torus, where the energy stream out underneath and make a huge curved journey into space and time to return back coming in from the top going down into the torus.

There is no increase or decrease of energy density, only it go through various integrated transmutations. If any increase or decrease was a fact, the speed of breathing would be effected, causing the gravity circuit to speed up/ slow down the movement of all physical matter. From galaxies to neutrons and electrons and this would cause havoc in all inhabited space not to mention chaotic turbulences and violent eruptions in all circuits , both in eternity as well as in all outer space levels.

For further insight and understanding, I suggest reading The Urantia Book from which the wisdom above is taken

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If the universe began with the Big Bang, what created the Big Bang, and what created the thing that created the Big Bang?

Big Bang is a huge illusion.There has NEVER been a sound, an explosion or such a singularity. The universe of universes are a created and eventuated event into a part of the grand universe with time and space. There are parts of the Grand universe outside time. Time as such is a cosmic consequence of eternity. There cant be time without eternity. Eternity is the centre and outside the huge circulation circuit of the universes of time and space, are several outer space rings, at present uninhabited, all in the making into potential future inhabited universes.

It is all theoretical rhetoric, based on mathematical mysticism plus an unknown amount of atheistic philosophy minus love, plus a severe dosis of mental speculation reduced by the lack of cosmic consciousness.

At best his hypothesis can be classified as medium sci fi with a touch of craziness plus a splash of unlimited fantasy.

God (with little g), God (with big G) and GOD (with capital) have not created the universe of universes with big bangs and black holes in. (No matter the color) How silly to think so childish.

The universe of time and space eventuated from divine thoughts and wisdom from an existential Deity, as such a creator, by the free will, decided to create a universe of time and space, within eternity. This is the divine attitude of a loving Deity, to share eternal life with its own created creatures.

The universe of time and space rotate, as a huge circuit around the center of eternity, within an infinite universe.

The idea of BB is invented by slothful human minds in a poor atempt to explain a begining, that never happen, but the mind of man have an inherent tendency to think in straight lines, instead of creation as a perfect event. As a cause in relation to an effect. Duality in the cosmic universe is an essenitlal part. There cant be time and space without eternity. The univers of time and space is an inherent consequence of divine eternity and as such a creation from a creature with potential creative existential experientials to create whatever an universal creator wish.

Both eternity and the universe of universes are eventuated events appearing as The Quantum Plenum and Space Potency , a technical concept inherited from quantum physics, This nonliving energy that is inherently resident in space itself as space potency – ALONG WITH THE DIVINE ENERGY OF LIFE ITSELF -”proceeds” from the Father-Infinite in a beginningless and endless stream to all universes.

But true it also is that big bangs can happen, but such an event always take place within the mind and is generally called enlightenment. An expansion of cosmic consciousness, an uplift of insight and in certain occasion also a amalgamation of spirit and soul.

The absonite level of reality is characterized by things and beings without beginnings or endings and by the transcendence of time and space.

The absolute level is beginningless, endless, timeless, and spaceless. For example: On Paradise, time and space are nonexistent; the time-space status of Paradise is absolute.

The concept of the I AM is a philosophic concession which we make to the time-bound, space-fettered, finite mind of man, to the impossibility of creature comprehension of eternity existences — nonbeginning, nonending realities and relationships. To the time-space creature, all things must have a beginning save only the ONE UNCAUSED — the primeval cause of causes. Therefore do we conceptualize this philosophic value-level as the I AM, at the same time instructing all creatures that the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit are coeternal with the I AM; in other words, that there never was a time when the I AM was not the Father of the Son and, with him, of the Spirit.

The ability to discern and discover mind in universe mechanisms depends entirely on the ability, scope, and capacity of the investigating mind engaged in such a task of observation. Time-space minds, organized out of the energies of time and space, are subject to the mechanisms of time and space. Motion and universe gravitation are twin facets of the impersonal time-space mechanism of the universe of universes. The levels of gravity response for spirit, mind, and matter are quite independent of time, but only true spirit levels of reality are independent of space (nonspatial). The higher mind levels of the universe — the spirit-mind levels — may also be nonspatial, but the levels of material mind, such as human mind, are responsive to the interactions of universe gravitation, losing this response only in proportion to spirit identification. Spirit-reality levels are recognized by their spirit content, and spirituality in time and space is measured inversely to the linear-gravity response.

The universes of time and space are gradual in development; the progression of life — terrestrial or celestial — is neither arbitrary nor magical. Cosmic evolution may not always be understandable (predictable), but it is strictly nonaccidental.

Time and space are indissolubly linked; there is an innate association. The delays of time are inevitable in the presence of certain space conditions.

In science the human self observes the material world; philosophy is the observation of this observation of the material world; religion, true spiritual experience, is the experiential realization of the cosmic reality of the observation of the observation of all this relative synthesis of the energy materials of time and space. To build a philosophy of the universe on an exclusive materialism is to ignore the fact that all things material are initially conceived as real in the experience of human consciousness. The observer cannot be the thing observed; evaluation demands some degree of transcendence of the thing which is evaluated.

May I for further insight into cosmic concepts and spirituality of divine origin, suggest you read the Urantia Book from which the quotes above comes.

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Is the Big Bang the origin of existence?

No, no more han than a drop of water is the ocean. The bb concept is an invented idea, without any real sustance in cosmic reality..

There has never been a big bang or a little bang or any sound at all… there has never been a beginning of eternity and the universe of universes are just that. But the mind of man like to stipulate a beginnings since it is so hard for the personality and the soul to grasp infinity. But with true intent it is not impossible, since the origin of all living creatures has its root in the First Source and center, the Universal Upholder and Creator.

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What are theories on what came before the Big Bang?

The same as after… BB is a illusion created by immature human minds to explain a beginning instead of eternity. Human logic like to work backward in relation to cosmic reality so it starts with nothing trying to grasp all but true cosmic perceptions begins withe everything and spread out from there.. The First Source and Center is complete, perfect and universal, absolute, Ultimative and unqualified. So the origin of everything has always been, and will remain expanding through time and space from eternity to infinity. All and nothing may transform, may change structure, shape, form construction and matter of content, but it stay true to its origin. It may morph, transcend or go through several metamorphoses, but what is, IS just as what am, IS. Creation is litterally only a process from invisibility to visibility.. The spiritual divine Creator actualize, factualize potentialities into actualities… things eventuate, becomes and then IS.

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Are we more than just specks of dust in a dark and empty universe?

YES. You are much more.. You and we all are the children of the Most High, created as a personality extention of the perfect divine universal Father of all and everhthing. The only diffrence is actually that we as humans have to learn to be in harmony and syncronization with the spirit, soul, mind and personality of the First Source and Center from which the love energy originally came to bring us into exisistence. We are the love seeds of the future…we are the progressive potentials of our creative Creator and we are given free will to choose such a destiny. It is al up to each of us to choose if we want to expand our potential personality toward divinity or if we like to extract from what we already got.we all, either move forward or backward, there is no static non change option in the universe of universes. You will either be immortal, eternalized with your personality or evaporize into nonpersonality back from where such an identity originally came from. and you would be as if you never had been. Cosmic consciousness is a gift for each of us to develop or destroy.

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Do you suppose that the universe is cyclic, and that there have been more Big Bangs than just one?

If you by cyclic mean as a torus with dymanic flow process, yes. As of BB, forget it. BB is an illusion, made to explain scientific stupidity by Stephan Hawkings and other before and after.

The univers of universes in space and time IS created by a large diversified group of celestial personalities created with endowments of such kind by a triune divine Trinity acting in a sevenfold syncronicity, amalgamated and as individuals. The various circuits of several diversified types of energy emanating from the First Source and Center within eternity and out through the universes of time and space and into infinity and back again, all in a long serie of transforming and transcendenting ways as invisible and visible are the physical proof of gods vibrations of Light, Life & Love. Our Fathers way of maintaining his creation with trillion of trillions of living created creatures of all kinds.The personalities of the grand universe is truly a extremely huge and large diversified group and mankind is just one type.

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Where does the universe end? And what starts where it ends (if it ever does)?

The universe of universes have no end or edge. It is eternally expanding and contracting, in relation to the gravity control of physical matter, both on sub and super atomic levels and the divine creation of planets where living creatures can exsist, grow and learn. These circuits of matter and spirits are part of an even larger evolutionary manifestation of the Supreme. The Supreme is the potential eventuation of God, but in time and space.

God resides in the centre of eternity, called Paradise but manifest his free will, his desires and personality out into the universes of time and space, all circulating around eternity.

“ There is no Big Bang and there is no Black holes in the universe of universes.”

The universe of universes are a creation by various divine personalities, all with origin in and of our Universal Father, through several different links.

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