How can I see black holes which are sucking all of the lights and radiation?

Tesla Otto, studied at University of Michigan

Black holes have an event horizon which means past a certain point

nothing is visible but anything around a black hole can still emit light, in form of x-rays which is a common way of finding black holes

also we can see a black if it is siphoning material off of a star because at a certain point the star will just be consumed and disappear

A video

My response

this video explain nothing but the theory of BH, but theory is hardly the same as cosmic facts. The mind of man can invent whatever in theory, but it done not mean it is real. Science like to explain everything, it try, until a another mind invent a new theory. Science history has been like this for many years, and only in the backmirrow, can a reasonable mind conclude the mistakes.


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How can the universe come out of nothing?

In true cosmic reality, the universe of universes are all created, the reason why science like to promote the concept that the universe, as a singularity, somehow long ago (13.8 Billion Years) exploded or expanded, what ever way you like to think of it, is simply due to slothful thinking.

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What is the closest formula that explains the whole universe?

To explain the universe, with everything within would take as long as the same universe has existed, ala an eternity. But a good formular or a supreme description, the best on earth, is, read the Urantia Book…Only 2097 pages.

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Is there an end for space?

No, eternity is eternity, infinite, but space and time are related, but the universe goes beyond time. Time, different times are isolated space areas all within the universe. So time on earth is not the time of the universe or its diffrent separated areas. Our earth time is only related to earth. Time bubbles so to speak.

Space is endless. Space is like mathematic numbers, they exspand in all directions, infinite.Certain areas of space exist in time but the larger parts outside, , surrounding the space and time parts of the universe. Keep in mind time is only acknowledged where minds (any kind) can register it, Where no mind is, there is no time. In an eternal divine mind (Gods), time is only the consequence of his eternity, a temporary fact of creation as such, designed and created just like that, so mortals of various kinds can progress toward, inward and upward to perfection outside time and into eternity as immortals, as Finaliters and as children of the Most High.


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Would being sucked into a black hole be a slow and painful death or would it be instant?

it can’t happen. Black holes is a Stephan Hawkings illusion. Their functionality is an impossibility. They would, if they was real, act as a torus, recycling itself, dragging its own edge into itself and on the other side, it would have to repeat this, and this would be ongoing in all eternity, getting more and more compact. But such a hole is not part of the universe design. but invented to be used as a manipulation to explain something which science simply dont understand ala black matter. Areas in space seemingly black or with very few stars visible. Such areas are not holes into which all items, including light and other universes by a heavy gravity get sucked in, only to disappear, to be crushed, smashed and broken into microscopic elements to evaporate (disappear) forever.(Or to be streamed out in the opposite end. ) Such funny ideas are made by slothful minds without wisdom, knowledge and true understanding of the cosmic universe.

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Does the Universe have a centre of gravity?

Yes, the grand Universe have such a centre of gravity, it is called eternity or Paradise and around this centre rotates the centraluniverse and surrounding this centraluniverse is the 7 superuniverses of time and space and outside this huge circuit are the outer space levels.

The universe of universes is a creation and not a big bang, an accident. There has never been a sound, an explosion or a singularity, which suddenly, unexpected and randomly began expansion into uncharted space. The Universe of universes are a constructed perfect functionality of divine origin.

For further insight, i suggest one read the Urantia Book.


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What existed before the Big Bang?

BB never really happened. There was never an explosion, a sound or a singularity. The universe of time and space eventuated from divine thoughts and wisdom from an existential Deity, as such a creator, by the free will, decided to create a universe of time and space, within eternity. The universe of time and space rotate, as a huge circuit around the center of eternity, within an infinite universe.

The idea of BB is invented by slothful human minds in a poor atempt to explain a begining, that never happen, but the mind of man have an inherent tendency to think in straight lines,instead of creation as a perfect event. As a cause in relation to an effect. Duality in the cosmic universe is an essenitlal part. There cant be time and space without eternity. The univers of time and space is an inherent consequence of divine eternity and as such a creation from a creature with potential creative existential experientials to create whatever an universal creator wish.


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