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My TUB story can be read in Saskia´s book “How I found The Urantia Book, page 178.” Been affiliated and involved with TUB since 1976. Done several readings and still do, made various library placements here in Denmark, participated in half a dozen fairs and hold some home study groups, published some danish pamphlets and distributed the book free to app. 40 people all over these years. I began translation into danish ca. in 1995 and up until 2005.(http://urantia-bogen.org/) I completed the Urantia Book translation in 2018. I comtinued and have now translated
The Danish version of Stuart R.Kerr III book: The Urantia Book and the Art of Robert Venosa.
The Danish version of Stuart R.Kerr III book: The Social Impact of the Kingdom.
The Danish version of Stuart R.Kerr III book: Guardian Seraphim
The Danish version of Stuart R.Kerr III book: Jesus, the Living Spirit of Truth
The Danish version of Stuart R.Kerr III book: The Fourth Triunity and the Generation of Cosmic Energy
The Danish version of Hara Davis: Urantia Ascenders Handbook.
The Danish version of Henno Käo:The Cosmic Voyage: Our greatest adventure (a children book) 8. The Danish version of The Great Debate of the scale of Orvonton: Tom Allen
The Danish version of Jesus Travels and Appearances, UB
The Danish version of Midwayers by Richard E. Warren
I have over the years collected a huge collection of secondary work and still do. From the year 2007(February) i joined a virtual world called Second Life,created a avatar Yman Juran and “she”, yes i created a female, since i was completely unaware of the complexities and the virtual worlds overlapping of the real world and I wanted to create a virtual circus performing group, similar to my real circus (ChangHgih Circus) and this virtual circus I called The ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love. My idea was and still is to blend live performances with spiritual information and this was possible inside Second Life (SL). Since my first show with back in June 2007 and up until today I have done app. 210 shows all over the grid and matrix and am one of the most advanced live virtual performer in the world. The shows are a coordinated blend of various circus acts, such as firedancing in rotating trpezes, on walking elephants, rolling balls, high-wire. Firejumps through burning rings, and a series of very real life advanced acrobatic animations, all done to music from Pato Banton, Tony Gerber,Grace Buford,Francyl Gawryn and Night Ark. In between generally 2-3 times during the one hour show, my DJ will speak small personal (all written by me) messages , touching upon issues from TUB. I have also established a little 2-5 people studying group inside SL, who meet somehow once a months and I have done several library placement also here and spoken with people about the book.I have created a full virtual readable version of TUB which people can pick up free on my land plot.

As a spark of Light, Life & Love, You begin your individualized, personalized identity as a human being on a grain of Earth in a created Universe to learn, grow and progress your universal potentialities of endowments, geniality and creativity – and as you advance your experimental journey from mortality to eternity your qualifications as a soul. spirit and child of The Most High will grant your access into divinity and to the supreme and highest cosmic realization of Light, Life and Love.
This profile is basically UB orientated.

About Yourantiaman

About me there is not much to say..those who know dont talk and those of you who read will know. With Light, Life & Love will we change ourselves and the world as long as we don't forget to "Devote our life to proving that love is the greatest thing in the world."
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